Many years ago I spent a lot of time creating my website because I am a firm believer in sharing what we all know. I am a big fan of open-source software, especially github and even publish some of my own stuff too.

Back in 2004, my collocated Dell server suffered a hard disk failure and since it was over 300 miles away from me and housed in a high security nuclear bunker,  I let it go to waste. Since then, I now have another colocated server but this time located a little nearer to me by Net365

Life does get complicated as you get older which leaves you with less and less time to do the things you love. Over the last two decades I’ve been working in Germany, got married, built a new house, left work, witness my wife die of breast cancer, dig myself out of a hole, met a new woman and turned my life around.

Time I had a change and put some new spit and polish on this place. I’ve got a lot of previous content to upload and put on which is going to take me absolutely ages to do…..

A lot of the content I’ve retrieved from https://web.archive.org/ which is a great way of researching into how the internet looked way back when there wasn’t much of an internet.

Don’t forget to come back but don’t fret too much – life’s too short…..

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Andy Whittaker
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Andy Whittaker from Prestbury, United Kingdom. General all round good-egg…..

Skills include Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Windows, Raspberry Pi Debian Linux, Siemens C16x assembly, Bosch  ECUs, etc, etc

United Kingdom

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Contact me at mail@andywhittaker.com

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21893total visits,124visits today